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Counting down to the Impala's 50th

According to Chuck's speech in Swan Song, the Impala rolled off the line on April 24, 1967. She'll be 50 this year and to celebrate that, I'm going to try to do an Impala related journal entry every day in April until her birthday. Since this entry starts with Chuck's speech, here is a Kinetic Type vid to his words posted on youtube by BrendaTapesThings.

She's aging well.
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The countdown with Impala-celebration posts is such a great idea!!

I honestly teared up watching that. Like we heard a charater this season say, "She's still beautiful."

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She is. I hope I can stick with a post a day. I don't have a great track record but I want to give this a try.

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This is going to be an awesome series of posts. Looking forward to the rest!

And maybe you could post something about the impalas the car is named after? :DD

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That would be a cool a chance to learn about wildlife. 8-)