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In the last couple of weeks, the topic of favorite illustrators came up.  I've wanted to do a post about it for a while.  One of the best parts of being a librarian is getting to talk about books you love and share them with other people.  I miss that part.  I love illustrated children's books and wanted to collect some of my favorite illustrators in one entry.  After I put the list together, I realized I am drawn to two different kinds of art.  One is collage art done with special paper or small objects.  The other is illustrations with a lot of detail.  Some of these folks will be familiar but a couple seem to be known more regionally.  I put links to places for more examples of the artist's work.  I also wanted to say that while these artists have had their work published, I've also seen work equal to or better done by fan artists here.  Feel free to comment with your additions to the list.

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Over on tumblr, LetsDrawSPN is hosting a movie poster challenge to create a poster for SPN based on one for a feature length movie.  I made one but I'm scared of tumblr so I wanted to posted it here first.

Poster based on Rosemary's Baby.... )
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I've been wanting to try art with Dean Winchester based on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song logo.  
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Back in June, I read [ profile] nyxocity's Big Bang, Like a Fish Out of Water.  I'm not giving anything away that isn't in the summary when I say that Sam, Dean, and Cas settle down in a house that Sam furnishes with things from an estate sale.  The story already has awesome art done by [ profile] lightthesparks.  The art master post is here.  Some of the furnishings from the estate sale play a funny part in the story, including Precious Moments figurines.  I wondered if anyone had drawn the guys in that style.  I figured if there are chibis and rubber ducks, anything is possible.  I couldn't find any, which doesn't mean they aren't out there.  Here's my attempt at filling that gap and doing my part for fandom.  (Rolls eye because I'm pretty sure the world really didn't need more of these.)


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