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It's a bit late but here is my Inktober drawing for day 4's prompt hungry. It was too big to fit on the scanner so it's very light. I also realized that I haven't be doing the drawings in ink so maybe this is Graphitober?

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Happy National Dog Day......

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And in other news, it is raining cats and dogs in the UK. I'm thinking of you all as you try to dry out and stop leaks. We've had plenty of rain here and the veggie garden is happy. We've been largely spared the Deluge. Here is the garden a few days ago.

We've got three pumpkins on the way and the beans, cucumbers and tomatoes have been coming right along.

I ended up lucky enough to have my ankle in a removable boot instead of a hard cast. I was able to give up the crutches last week. It's a lot easier to pick beans without trying to balance on your armpits. I've been able to drive a little but I've been mostly stuck at the house. Going out to the garden was my big adventure for the day. Hopefully I can give this boot the boot at the end of next week. The kids are back to school and the weather has turned cooler. A sign of what's to come. Time for the State Fair and winding up the regular season for baseball.
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This was the best looking tomato of this year's crop.  I managed to save it from the chipmunks.  I don't know what variety it is but it's really dense.  Not too many seeds.

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Or what I did on my summer vacation.

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I'll leave this entry with a picture from down the road in a neighboring farm field. [ profile] kalliel, I thought of you when I saw them and had to take a picture.

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Getting ready for this season and realized I didn't record last year's harvest notes.  Looking back, I'm also made very aware that my handwriting looks like the scrawl of a drunk giraffe in that I can barely make out what I wrote.   This was the last year of the garden on the hillside.  The most productive veggies were the yellow tomatoes.  The green peppers also did well.  The rest of the garden seemed to suffer from the increased amount of shade.  The first picking was on 8/17.  I also have notes that we got snow on October 20th and that was the day I picked the last of the tomatoes.  We had a late freeze but the winter was long and cold so we made up for it.

Green beans - 262g

Cukes - 1492g

Green peppers - 370g

Tomatoes - 135 with most of them ripening in paper bags.
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My yard is hopping with these little critters.  I think it's a toad but it's really tiny.  The latest hatch must have just come out of the pond behind our house and they are everywhere.  Grow big and eat the bugs in my garden.

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A couple of weeks ago, this show I watch had an episode that they set in Stillwater, Minnesota.  Here are some caps from [ profile] homeofthenutty showing what TV Minnesota snow looks like.  I think it looked like this at the end of October, minus the mountain.

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Trick-or-treating is done for another year.  We had 57 beggars come to the door even though we had a light rain.  Still some candy left for me though, yum yum.  Here are our pumpkins from this year.

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We've had a few warm days finally and in the last couple of weeks when we were complaining about winter, one of our neighbors was busy building a house.  Evidently the remains of the clematis are perfect for a duck nest.  If our dog hadn't spooked her, I'd have never known she was there.

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