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Evidently all that time on set where so much attention is paid to color has bled over into real life and Jared and Jensen showed up color coordinated for their appearances on the People's Choice Awards.  SPN is responsible for the way I now over-analyze everything I see and I'm sure there was a reason why they chose this color.  If not, I will make one up like I do with each episode recap.  Therefore, like anything else SPN related, it deserves a meta.  Plus it's a great excuse to post pictures of gorgeous men and their luscious wives.

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Women in white have been a part of the visual language of Supernatural since the Pilot, eight seasons ago.  The Pilot not only used imagery of a woman in white, a Woman in White was the target of the boys' first hunt after Dean collected Sam from Stanford.  Constance Welch, after discovering her husband's infidelity, murdered her children and killed herself.  As a ghost, she haunts a stretch of road trying to go home, killing men who stop to pick her up and are unfaithful.  The Pilot also has two other women in white who provide the show with a couple of its most memorable moments, the demon murders of Mary Winchester and Jessica Moore leaving them pinned to the ceiling, bleeding out and burning.  Many scenes over the seasons call back to these mirrored images.  

White can have many meanings depending on the culture interpreting it.  In the west, it can symbolize brides, virginity, purity, being on the side of good, faith, angels or cleanliness, among other things.  It's often used in hospitals because being disinfected with bleach leaves things white.  In eastern imagery, it usually represents death and mourning.  Ghosts are traditionally white the world over.  Like everything else on SPN, symbols can be used as expected or completely turned upside down.  White can be used for mothers, sacrifice, innocence, ghosts, rarely angels and mockingly by demons.  Near the anniversary of the deaths of Mary and Jess and the launch into and return to hunting by the rest of the Winchesters, here's a look at women (and a few other creatures) in white on SPN.  

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